This site hasn't been updated since June 24th of 1999? I think. So that means it won't be updated anymore. It is left up for archive purposes, but an archive of what? I suppose the pictures I had up of the various band members are nice to get back after a few years. I was thinking of making a new version of the site which really wouldn't be much like this one at all, but I am not so sure if I want to do that. Well, whatever. This site has been up for a long time, so I expect it to be here for a longer period. Have fun looking at what used to be. I will fix everything that doesn't work by putting a message "Does not work" instead of leaving dead links. Other than that, nothing new will happen. -- 2002 June 22 ... Nearly 3 years later.

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I altered this, but you can have fun and take it, if you want.

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